Seamless integration made simple – unlocking the power of E-Mobility through innovative solutions designed to integrate seamlessly into your products and processes.

About PEM Solutions

PEM Motion offers innovative solutions for the electric powertrain. Whether you need a custom battery management system or other physical products, we have the expertise and experience to deliver top-quality solutions that meet your unique needs. Our developed and successfully tested products allow us to offer you a quickly adapted and reliable solution for your problem.

PEM Solutions principles

Hardware and software interfaces are flexible to adapt to individual customer requirements.

Technical depth enables individualized products.

Ready for individual certification with extensive product documentation.

Exclusively use pre-tested components​.


Unlock the potential of your applications with our low voltage BMS. Engineered for mobility, industrial, and commercial use, it integrates a safety MCU and high accuracy analog front-end. Benefit from configurable protection levels and tailored current capacity, while enjoying the flexibility of customizable form factors. CE and UL certifications ensure utmost reliability.

Experience the flexibility of our low voltage battery module. With a wide range of parallel cells that are easily configurable, it offers spot welding with a projected nickel design and customized nickel tab. We have manufacturing partners across the globe, ensuring a short time to market. Our module meets IEC 62133 and UL 2580 certifications.

Say goodbye to lead-acid batteries and embrace our small format battery solution. Designed as a versatile replacement for various industries such as Industrial, Medical, Telecom, and Consumer, it offers customizable options for form factor, connectors, protection levels, and communications. Trust in our certified solution to meet your unique requirements.

Power your high voltage systems efficiently with our high voltage PDU. With capabilities of up to 800V and 600A, this solution is developed to comply with relevant standards. It integrates contactors, pre-charge resistors, and insulation monitoring for seamless power distribution. Trust PEM Motion for reliable high voltage solutions.

Accelerate your product development cycle with our PEM modular electronics. Our rapid prototyping platform reduces time to market significantly. Benefit from our tested modules, which can be customized to meet your project goals. Whether it’s for prototyping or final products, our battery-operated modules offer the flexibility you need.

Experience the convenience of PEM Motion’s IBM DOORS Next Gen configuration. By importing our configuration package in just 5 minutes, you save up to 4 weeks of setup time. Access structured and linked normative requirements databases like General Safety Regulation 2 (GSR 2) and Battery storage. Streamline your product development process with ease.

Experience the power of seamless integration.

PEM Solutions - Your trusted partner.


General Specifications

+ Ready for mobility, industrial, and comercial applications.

+ Incorporated safety MCU.

+ High accuracy analog front-end and protector with configurable
protection levels

+ Tailored current capacity by number of MOSFETs

+ Form factor can be customized


+ CE Certification (ongoing)

+ Machine directive
+ EMC directive
+ OHS directive

+ UL certifications (ongoing)

+ UL 991
+ UL 1994
+ UL 2271 (system level)

Personalized configuration​

PEM LV Battery Module

General Specifications

+Wide range of parallel cells configurable

+Welding method: Spot welding

+Projected nickel design

+Customized nickel tab

+Manufacturing partners in Mexico, Germany, Poland and China

+Short time to market

+Individual packaging can be designed

+Advanced interconnect by terminal connection


+Designed with certified cells according to:

+IEC 62133
+UL 2580

Personalized configuration

PEM Small Format Battery

General Specifications

+Lead acid replacement in many industries


+Customization options

+Form factor
+Protection levels


+Designed with certified cells according to:

+IEC 62133
+UL 2580

Personalized configuration​

PEM High Voltage PDU

Main properties

+Up to 800V

+Up to 600A

+Developed under consideration of relevant standards

+Contactors and pre-charge resistors integrated

+Integrated insulation monitoring





+Utility Vehicles

Available technologies​

PEM Modular Electronics​

General description​

+Modular Rapid Prototyping platform
+Shorter time to market
+Tested modules
+Customizable to meet project goals
+Battery operated


+Micro Mobility
+Energy storage
+Industrial vehicles
(e.g. Forklifts)

Available technologies​

IBM DOORS Configuration

General description​

+PEM Motion’s basic configuration for IBM DOORs Next Gen. includes the framework for the direct start into product development

+Import our configuration package in 5 minutes which normally takes up to 4 weeks

+It can include the following databases of structured and linked normative requirements:

+General Safety Regulation 2 (GSR 2)

+Battery storage for various applications


+DOORs Basic configuration for companies recording requirements/test procedures

+Optional databases for relevant industries (e.g. vehicle/battery)

Default configuration​

PEM Motion Seminar at the
11th Electric Vehicle Production Days

System Development in the Automotive Context

Date: October 27th, 2023
Language: German