Revolutionizing relay traffic: STAFFEL’s AI-enabled data platform.

Project name: STAFFEL – AI-supported platform for data-based relay traffic
Project duration: 01.12.2021 – 31.05.2024
Funding ID: 19FS2019A
Location: Germany 
Project sponsor: Bundesministerium für Digitales & Verkehr
Project leaders: Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) e. V., MANSIO GmbH and PEM Motion GmbH
Grantor: Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs & Transport 

Research objectives

Objective 1

Reduce transportation time on long hauls by 30% and increase vehicle utilization by 50%

Objective 2

Reduce the need for truck parking spaces and parking search traffic by organizing carpooling in trucks

Objective 3

Create a better working environment for truck drivers, democratize the transport industry, and reduce load robberies and wildly parked trucks by implementing the "relay traffic" system and reducing wasted driving time


Identifying the Project’s Challenge

In road haulage, transports are interrupted to comply with driving and rest times. These interruptions not only prolong the transport time, but also occupy truck parking spaces, of which, according to BASt or BGL, there are about 35,000 missing along German highways. The search for parking spaces leads to CO2-intensive parking search traffic, driving time violations, and frustration among truck drivers. Illegally parked trucks cause accidents, disturb residents and according to VEDA, promote cargo theft with damages in the billions. 

The interruption of transports can be avoided by securing trailers with an IoT lock at the end of the driving time and then handing them over to rested drivers. In the project, a secure, cross-carrier “relay traffic” is to be researched: on an Internet platform, long distances are to be broken down into partial routes with the help of AI algorithms, which are then mediated between carriers and freight forwarders via a driving time marketplace using real-time data (e.g., traffic, infrastructure, IoT, telematics). 

PEM Motion’s Approach and What Has Been Achieved So Far?

In this project, PEM Motion is responsible for the development, prototypical implementation and testing of an intelligent (keyless, remote-controlled, equipped with sensors) kingpin lock. 

Progress made so far: a patent application has been submitted, the first revision of hardware/software is ongoing, and the CAD design of the safety mechanism for the kingpin has been completed.

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Contact Us

Lisa Weichsel, M Sc.

Project Engenier

PEM Motion Seminar at the
11th Electric Vehicle Production Days

System Development in the Automotive Context

Date: October 27th, 2023
Language: German

PEM LV Battery Module

General Specifications

+Wide range of parallel cells configurable

+Welding method: Spot welding

+Projected nickel design

+Customized nickel tab

+Manufacturing partners in Mexico, Germany, Poland and China

+Short time to market

+Individual packaging can be designed

+Advanced interconnect by terminal connection


+Designed with certified cells according to:

+IEC 62133
+UL 2580

Personalized configuration