Mobility of the future has different ideas for people and different stakeholders. All have in common that we need to free the transport of pollutants as quickly as possible. It does not matter whether it’s flying taxis, foldable motorcycles from the 3D printer or autonomous mini-buses. But replacing the conventional burners with clean propulsion systems must not be the only answer. We must also ensure that traffic is safer, more efficient and, above all, less.


PEM Motion Team working on UZE Mobility hardware

But how does the traffic turnaround work best?

We already produce the most important source for the answers to all the questions around the turnaround in mobility already today in large quantities. It will be the data that the traffic and individual rides produce. These anonymized mobility data provide much more than “just” insights into how traffic planners can orchestrate traffic in and out of the city.


Free world trip with an app

This huge amount of data also allows for completely new business models that can subsidize and accelerate the move of companies, public transport operators or consumers to green mobility. These new billion-dollar business models could even make it possible to travel through a city, or even around the world, for free with a single app. In addition, these data feed the artificial intelligence of autonomous driving systems to make driverless driving safer.



Quantum leap in mobility

But the quantum leap of all innovations will not come until you bring all the ideas together on a meta-platform. Today we have countless products, concepts and projects designed to improve mobility. However, many of these ideas are island solutions. Therefore, UZE Mobility is developing an open-innovation platform with an app-store character to bring all these solutions together on this meta-platform. Cities, researchers, startups and corporations can use this open data platform to develop their own or shared mobility solutions, test them and finally bring them to the streets. The same applies to new data-based business models such. For example, in the areas of logistics, trade and insurance, which can also be used to provide clean mobility in perspective for free.


Standardize security

This brings a number of advantages for the respective providers. On the one hand, it can accelerate standards and technologies that ensure the security of all these data and digital processes. For example, UZE Mobility already uses counterfeit-proof blockchain technology for vehicle rental. Using this key technology, all contractual issues and necessary documentation such as access to vehicles, parking fees or logbooks can be managed with legal certainty.


Incubator of mobility

On the other hand, the various providers can subject their products to stress tests on this open platform. How well are they accepted and how well do they work in the context of other concepts? In addition, new modes of transport and other solutions, such as software or energy, can be constantly developed and operated profitably through this platform. This kind of innovation competition will – we are sure – bring the best mobility concepts to the streets. Not because they are so advanced and technically mature, but because they are accepted by humans. The best technologies do not work if they are not used.


Cooperation instead of competition

Such an open innovation platform requires rethinking from competing to cooperating. Only when we put aside the blinkers of the competitive idea, opens up on such a meta-mobility platform completely new ways to develop products and generate revenue that you do not even think today.



The Google of the road

For example, we’re working on a super-mobility app that will allow people to use all the mobility services available in a city. Unlike comparable offers, we want to offer clean mobility for free. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed mobile geomarketing in real time with UZE ADS. The mobile outdoor advertising of the UZE vehicles automatically adapts to their surroundings. This allows people to be made aware of local offers such as sales promotions from retailers. Businesses could use UZE ADS today to advertise with interest and street-specific advertising – at the football stadium there is advertising for tracksuits and in residential areas for luxury watches. Blockchain technology in turn makes outdoor advertising more measurable and calculable for businesses. Similar to Google ads, advertisers pay according to the “pay by view” principle. In addition, fleet managers and local public transport can use our UZE AD-KIT systems to generate advertising revenue for various vehicle types in order to reduce their vehicle or fleet costs. With our UZE ADS and AD KITs, we are also encountering open doors internationally. With the funds raised, ticket prices can be financed against zero euros and costs for new clean engines. In addition to geomarketing in real time, further data-based business models in the areas of insurance, trade or maintenance of public infrastructure and urban logistics are conceivable. The users, whose data we anonymously collect, decide whether their data may be sold.


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