Learning something from each person, project, or colleague is important, in this case, from Angelica Barbina, our PMO Manager and Senior Consultant at PEM Motion Mexico for the last four years.

PEM Motion meant for her the jump between ideation and industrialization of mobility solutions and the development of customized solutions for a competitive market.

Angelica Barbina started in 2018 as a Project Engineer and developed herself into a Consultant and, later on, as a Senior Consultant and took the responsibility of PMO Manager, where she loved to have access to the overall picture of the different projects to see the achievement of their various milestones and goals.

Through her way in PEM Motion, she participated in several projects from our Consulting and Training Business Units, supporting different international projects with our offices in Sacramento, California, and Aachen.

What she most valued about PEM Motion was the capacity that the company gave her to learn new things, such as new methodologies and tools, as part of the day-to-day work. Plus, working with a multicultural team, where everybody came from a different background, and in her own words, PEM Motion allowed her to have a perfect mix between her personal and professional life, but most importantly, quality of life.

PEM Motion wishes you the best for your upcoming next career step. With skills like yours, you don’t need luck — but good luck in your new job, anyway! 💙

In the interview, she tells us more about her journey at PEM Motion. Check it out and get to know her and PEM through her experiences!