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  • Practical experience and technological know-how
  • Collaboration with our broad network of partners
  • Exchange of ideas driven by innovation
  • Collaboration with industry experts and researchers

Description & USP

  • We are a spin-off of the RWTH Aachen University and part of major university networks around the globe
  • We combine practice and theory with our unique method
  • Experienced specialists accompany you on-site in individual trainings
  • Tailor-made development of programs for students seeking specific expertise

Is your workforce ready for change?

Today’s market requires competitive new hires to deal with new trends such as electric mobility, industry 4.0, digitalization, and intralogistics concepts.

Benefiting from our project experience, we combine practice and theory with our unique method. Boost your company with qualified students who fully meet today’s requirements. Integrate them into operational structures, working methods, and project procedures. Students can apply theoretical knowledge directly in practice and thus benefit from a higher learning effect.

We live and love a holistic view of ideas in every project, from planning on a blank sheet of paper to implementation in the real world. One size does not fit all – our qualification programs are tailor-made!


  • Student workforce qualification concept in logistics for a German OEM in Mexico

  • E-mobility dual education training concept for an automotive supplier

Questions? We have answers

Adriana Solorzano

PEM Motion Seminar at the
11th Electric Vehicle Production Days

System Development in the Automotive Context

Date: October 27th, 2023
Language: German

PEM LV Battery Module

General Specifications

+Wide range of parallel cells configurable

+Welding method: Spot welding

+Projected nickel design

+Customized nickel tab

+Manufacturing partners in Mexico, Germany, Poland and China

+Short time to market

+Individual packaging can be designed

+Advanced interconnect by terminal connection


+Designed with certified cells according to:

+IEC 62133
+UL 2580

Personalized configuration