Complex ideas & requirements demand simple solutions

Complex ideas & requirements demand simple solutions

Your Advantages

  • Fast and flexible implementation of your desired functionalities based on existing basic modules
  • Fast development of prototypes that can be transferred to series production
  • Modular and scalable system architecture
  • Ensuring traceability of your requirements throughout the entire development process

Description & USP

  • Variable configuration of required functionalities, such as vehicle control, connectivity, etc.
  • Functionalities close to production with quantities ranging from 1 to N (with mounting partners)

With our PEM Officer, we offer a platform for different application areas with which our customers can control their ideas. The PEM Officer provides an open system architecture where we build on existing basic functionalities to implement your individual requirements.

Of course, the PEM Officer is also prepared for the future. Due to its modularity, the system’s functionalities can be flexibly adapted and expanded anytime.

What is possible with software – also applies to hardware with the PEM Officer. We are firmly convinced that by quickly visualizing, testing, and experiencing an idea, the development process can be enormously accelerated and improved. That’s why we set new standards with the PEM Officer and support you in accelerating your product development.

All modules of the PEM Officer are scalable. Check and test your control system from the first prototype. Adapt functionalities and expand modules – no problem with the PEM Officer. Reduce your risk within product development and lower your time to market.

Whether data acquisition for IoT applications, electrified powertrain, or module to ensure functional safety requirements – realize your ideas with PEM Officer.


  • Central control of an electrified ride on mower

  • Central control and WIFI/LTE-connection of an automated tool trolley

  • SEooC for use in electrified drive systems up to ASIL C

PEM Officer according to your requirements?

Carl Richter
Director of Consulting

PEM Motion Seminar at the
11th Electric Vehicle Production Days

System Development in the Automotive Context

Date: October 27th, 2023
Language: German

PEM LV Battery Module

General Specifications

+Wide range of parallel cells configurable

+Welding method: Spot welding

+Projected nickel design

+Customized nickel tab

+Manufacturing partners in Mexico, Germany, Poland and China

+Short time to market

+Individual packaging can be designed

+Advanced interconnect by terminal connection


+Designed with certified cells according to:

+IEC 62133
+UL 2580

Personalized configuration