Our approach

We analyze your existing products & core competencies together with you based on their application capability for electromobility. This way, we can identify the potential application fields in electric vehicle production for you. We underpin this with a market analysis and the expected sales for your potential products. In this way, we derive a positioning recommendation tailored to your requirements.

  • Rely on our technological expertise

    Our scientific analysis builds on various studies of the electric powertrain.

  • Rely on our structured approach

    A methodical approach ensures a goal-oriented approach.

  • Convince yourself of our proven methodology

    The E Mobility Audit has already been successfully applied in a large number of projects.

Step 1

  • We provide you with an overview of products, materials, functional principles, process steps, plant concepts and future developments in battery system, fuel cell and electric motor manufacturing (incl. technology alternatives)
  • We prepare a description of the challenges and quality characteristics along the manufacturing and assembly chain

Step 2

  • Evaluation of the identified products and processes with regard to the existing competence portfolio of your company
  • Detailing the requirements for the components or manufacturing and assembly processes
  • Potential analysis for your company in terms of the technology expertise currently available and the requirements for electromobility

Step 3

  • We provide a meta-analysis of the market growth and production capacities of (electric) mobility with focus on the automotive industry in the core markets
  • We design a top down estimate of the sales potential of the identified products and processes and provide an estimate of the future demand based on the meta-analysis

Step 4

  • Identification of potential customers and suppliers for the identified products and processes
  • Development of a strategic approach for entering the electromobility market
Tier-1-Supplier: 4 successful projects
Metal Processing: 6 successful projects
Mechanical and plant engineering: 13 successful projects
Raw materials (aluminum, steel, copper): 5 successful projects
OEM: 1 successful project
Other: 6 successful projects

With our Fit4E projects, we have already successfully made over 35 companies fit for electromobility. Become part of this success story – make yourself and your company fit for the future.


Tier-1-Supplier Metal Processing Mechanical and plant engineering OEM
Potential questions
  • What kind of market ramp-up can be expected in electric vehicle production?
  • Will the component continue to dominate the market in the long term?
  • What are the requirements for the components?
Find out together with us
  • Contact us directly and discuss your opportunities
  • Let us find long-term solutions together
  • Rediscover your core competencies
Potential questions
  • What basic materials are needed in electric vehicle production?
  • What demands are placed on these components?
  • What competitors and customers are there in the market and does it make sense to place yourself in this market?
  • How much material is actually used in this industry?
Find out together with us
  • Recognize synergies early on
  • Immerse yourself together with us in the requirements and prerequisites of e-mobility.
  • Get detailed analysis and assessments from experts
  • Recognize potential and discover new needs
Potential questions
  • Which production technologies are required in electric vehicle production?
  • Can I also offer my production equipment in battery production with the help of a technology transfer?
  • What value creation structures exist in electric vehicle production?
  • Where are the machines and systems currently being sourced from, who are the potential competitors in the market?
  • How much turnover is there in the market and how much turnover is expected for the potential machines and systems in the coming years?
  • Does it make sense for my company to enter the market at this time?
Find out together with us
  • Thanks to several years of expertise, we introduce you to essential production technologies
  • We find approaches and solutions to see your plants in a new light
  • With our Fit4E approach, you can quickly identify value creation structures and understand how to classify them
  • Our databases support an extensive analysis
  • Thanks to in-depth market data and insights, we can foresee your potential sales volume
  • With our final evaluation, the decision is child's play for you.
Potential questions
  • Does it make sense for an automotive OEM to extend its value chain in the direction of component production?
  • What are the risks in battery, fuel cell, and e-motor production?
  • What additional framework conditions influence the decision to enter component manufacturing (battery, e-motor, fuel cell)?
Find out together with us
  • Learn more about the e-mobility market and niches in the value chain
  • Identify potentials and gain in-depth insights into all safety-relevant topics of e-mobility
  • We set guard rails together with you - put us to the test!
Christian Offermanns
Senior Consultant