PEM Motion also helped the startup company Ducktrain in the early phases of product development. The idea behind Ducktrain is to have an intelligent, electric, and automated logistics vehicle system made for the urban and industrial last mile. Combining up to 5 single Ducks virtually into a platoon allows transporting the equivalent payload of a conventional delivery truck as the modern solution for urban logistics with zero emissions to make businesses even more efficient and green. 

The innovative concept is not only suitable for mail and parcel deliveries; carrier applications are also possible. The semi-autonomous light electric vehicle brings considerable advantages to our inner-city delivery traffic and is designed to transport goods the size of a classic Euro pallet. For example, a Duck can also deliver pallets for retailers and drive up to the goods receiving area. 

The collaboration with Ducktrain has continued ever since. PEM Motion is currently providing support in the area of homologation in order to obtain Ducktrain’s own legal individual operating permit in Germany. The earlier the strengths and weaknesses of the product are detected, the more marketable the vehicle will be at launch, so the team is supporting the creation of validation plans and the preparation and review of documents for the technical service, such as hazard analysis risk assessment and system description. In addition, we are accompanying Ducktrain in both internal and external testing schemes with technical assistance. We are delighted to share this incredible adventure with our partner Ducktrain.