Our team worked closely with unu, a mobility solutions provider for urban areas, to develop their next-generation electric scooter. Combining design elements from their unique design philosophy with customer feedback from their first iteration, engineers from PEM Motion delivered a production-ready final design. Dr. Christoph Deutskens, CEO of PEM Motion described it as a “great example of how PEM Motion can support with its technical know-how and bring green and attractive mobility to the roads together with the creative team of unu.”

PEM Motion played a critical role in designing the electrical system from the ground up. Customer feedback indicated a desire for many unique and sophisticated features, which provided an exciting challenge for the electrical design team. By managing requirements beginning with the prototype stage, our team leveraged experience to create a design that would be viable for market entry. We were able to satisfy the strict requirements using easily-sourced components suitable for series production.

Many mechanical features on the scooter were also made possible by the PEM Motion team. The rear tires appear to float above the ground, and the rider is protected from the elements by innovative mudguards. We also engineered the frame, side stand, hinges, and interior elements of the scooter, based on concepts provided by unu. The scooter’s slim profile limited the available storage space, but we were able to fit a 45-liter compartment into the available space. The storage compartment can fit two helmets and two batteries, a common request from customers.

The prototype, built and developed at PEM Motion, has been very successful and is currently in series production and can be found on the streets in cities across Germany.