PEM Motion GmbH has entered into a strategic partnership with the company Henkel. The agreement aims to pioneer the development of new battery technologies, research material requirements for implementation, and increase the sustainability and safety of batteries. The cooperation is with the “E-Mobility Business Unit” of the global corporation headquartered in Düsseldorf. 

“Working with Henkel, we will address some of the most pressing challenges in the field of electromobility,” says Professor Achim Kampker, head of the Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM) chair at RWTH Aachen University and a partner in the PEM Motion spin-off: “By bringing together our shared visions of a safe, sustainable future, we are creating a forum for thought leaders and a pathway for implementing new ideas in the vehicles of tomorrow.” 

Wanting to pioneer the coming battery technology: PEM Director and PEM Motion Partner Professor Achim Kampker (left) and George Kazantzis, “Corporate Vice President Adhesive Technologies, Automotive Components” at Henkel.

PEM Motion will contribute with consulting and engineering services in the field of electromobility – from product design and business development to prototyping and testing. By introducing “agile processes” and sharing equipment and resources, the partners aim to address specific challenges such as battery safety and viable battery disassembly for repair and recycling. The agreement also includes joint conference presentations, expert days, and events focusing on “electric vehicle production,” many of which are to be held at Henkel’s new “Inspiration Center” in Düsseldorf. 

“As a leading supplier to the global automotive industry, Henkel has always worked closely with its customers to develop solutions, processes, and materials that support the rapid commercialization of battery technologies at scale,” said George Kazantzis, Henkel’s Corporate Vice President Adhesive Technologies, Automotive Components.