What is behind a smoothly running plant? Who ensures that processes run properly, products are delivered safely, or suppliers are managed? People – behind all the automation of processes and plants, there are always people who are crucial to success. Especially when planning the opening of a new plant, the qualification of future personnel is essential. 

BMW Group has taken up this challenge in its new plant at San Luis Potosi in Mexico together with PEM Motion and RHuman, a Mexican HR company. One of the main challenges for the successful start of the automotive plant in Mexico is the qualification of the personnel who will manage the logistics processes. A training concept specially tailored to these requirements was developed to ensure a smooth opening in the plant’s ramp-up phase. In this project, we trained more than 1,000 employees in specific intralogistics processes before the start of production in San Luis Potosi. 

We rely on dynamic concepts, coaching by multidisciplinary local trainers, and innovative training methods, such as specified simulation games. With our qualification approach, we significantly improve the understanding of the processes carried out, increase motivation and thus reduce staff turnover. We also integrated the recruitment and employment of students from local universities into the project. The six-month Logistics Qualification Internship program was developed specifically for local students. By analyzing and optimizing the logistics-specific processes, the so-called Floor Walkers support the BMW team to ensure a smooth ramp-up and optimum production at the plant.