We, PEM Motion, see ourselves as a strong team that tackles every challenge courageously, with the joy of discovery and a fresh spirit and thus always creates something that amazes others.

With just the right amount of non-conformity. Never detached, but with a firm reference to reality and the ability to connect. We believe in the future and in the implementation of electric mobility concepts.

Challenging and Exciting
Experience our varied, challenging and exciting working environment as well as the cohesion in a company that builds on the strengths and ideas of each individual.

You belong to us when...

  • …your heart also beats for the mobility of the future

  • …you enjoy implementing ambitious and visionary ideas

  • …professionalism and non-conformism are no foreign words for you

  • …you feel comfortable even outside your comfort zone - you want to keep going all the time

  • …you are also convinced that the best solutions are created by working together as partners