Transforming industries with innovative blended-learning: enhancing education in Latin America

Project name: Internationalization of Blended‐Learning Continuing Education in Industrial Process Design and Optimization for the Production Sector in Spanish Speaking Latin America
Project duration: 01.10.2021 – 31.03.2024 
Funding ID: 01BE17029C 
Location: Execution in Latin America
Website: y-mas.de 
Project sponsor: DLR-Projektträger
Project leader: FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen 
Grantor: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)


Objective 1

Further education offer (training/courses) in the areas of industrial maintenance, ergonomic work design, ramp-up management and industrial logistics

Objective 2

Blended learning teaching methods tailored to the needs and target markets to promote work-related learning and competence development in the workplace

Objective 3

Establishment of a partner and customer network in Spanish-speaking, Latin American countries


Identifying the Project’s Challenge

Despite significant industrial growth in recent years, industrial and educational standards vary among Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas. Large markets and industries, such as the automotive sector in Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador, have attracted international interest, along with smaller markets in South American countries that are catching up industrially. However, there is a shortage of skilled workers, and the transfer of international working and production principles to Latin American production is challenging due to the developing dual education principle in these countries. Moreover, university courses in these countries differ from those in Germany, making further training necessary for skilled employees to work in international factories. 

PEM Motion’s Approach

PEM operates in various business fields, including consulting, research and development, and training, which are closely linked. The company takes a holistic approach that encompasses not only the products themselves but also the entire production process, from factory planning and assembly to logistics planning and production ramp-up. PEM shares its knowledge in various disciplines with its international customers, and as global demand for electro-mobility continues to grow, there is an increasing interest in further training opportunities in this field. 

As part of the overall Y-Mas project, PEM will provide additional education through trainings in ramp-up management and intra-logistics. 

What Has Been Achieved So Far?

So far, the company has conceptualized the teaching methodology, determined the course duration and delivery format, collected relevant teaching content for the ramp-up management module, and developed a partner network and potential customers in Mexico during an on-site conference.

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PEM Motion Seminar at the
11th Electric Vehicle Production Days

System Development in the Automotive Context

Date: October 27th, 2023
Language: German

PEM LV Battery Module

General Specifications

+Wide range of parallel cells configurable

+Welding method: Spot welding

+Projected nickel design

+Customized nickel tab

+Manufacturing partners in Mexico, Germany, Poland and China

+Short time to market

+Individual packaging can be designed

+Advanced interconnect by terminal connection


+Designed with certified cells according to:

+IEC 62133
+UL 2580

Personalized configuration