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We offer customized product development & consulting solutions from idea to production.

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PEM Motion was born out of the idea to make electric mobility sustainable and affordable. This idea of “Achieving more with less” is still the credo of everything we do at PEM Motion.

Engineering & Design

By focusing on the Return on Engineering, we dramatically increase the efficiency of the process to deliver innovative results in the wide field of future mobility.


With our fresh spirit, our unique approach and our cutting-edge infrastructure, we are the first to truly integrate development and industrialization.

Our Services


Our customer is an internationally active Tier2 automotive supplier, which today primarily manufactures transmission and axle components and parts for the conventional drive train of heavy duty vehicles. Although he does not see his business model fundamentally threatened by electromobility, the question arises as to the opportunities offered by battery electric or even fuel cell-powered drive trains. This is where our consulting comes in, creating an understanding of these future technologies and deriving strategic options for action, which we evaluate in terms of revenue and market potentials.


We supported our customer unu, a provider of mobility solutions for urban areas, with our technical know-how in the development of an electric scooter. We built a prototype, including electrical components and wiring, to test it and design the vehicle the way the customer imagined it. In addition, we sourced numerous components of an electric scooter and converted the individual parts into components suitable for production and industrialization.


Near-series prototypes of future-oriented mobility applications play a decisive role both for start-ups and for established companies – on the one hand, there is often a lack of knowledge to integrate drive components and connect them electronically – on the other hand, there are no cost-effective standard components for desired IoT interfaces (WLAN, etc.).

The modular “PEM-Box” offers various communication interfaces as well as the electronic components of the electric drive train. Based on these, we can design and implement the optimal and individually adapted system for the customer with reduced development effort.


Our customers would like to have developed battery systems for use in vehicles or stationary applications tested in accordance with the latest safety standards and norms. In addition to temperature and short-circuit tests, we also plan and perform many other mechanical, chemical, electrical and thermal as well as functional and misuse tests of battery systems. In this way we can completely map the testing of a battery system in the Battery Abuse Center and in cooperation with partners, for example according to the automotive standard ECE R 100 or the transport standard UN 38.3.


Our customer – an automotive OEM – has introduced a new series and new assembly processes. For this purpose, we have developed assembly devices in close coordination which do justice to these processes and which, among other things, reduce the potential for errors through Poka-Yoke principles. We paid attention to an optimal integration into the existing infrastructure and the best possible ergonomics for the worker. In order to be able to react quickly and flexibly to new derivatives, for example, the device is based on a modular solution supplemented with 3D-printed images.


Our customer, an internationally active Automotive Tier 1 supplier, has developed an innovative large-size module for the electric drive train and is planning industrialization with a lead customer. The product has not yet been designed in detail, but it is still questionable which production scenarios are economical at which locations, and what implications an attractive business case has for product design. We solve these questions by developing assumptions on the product and process side, including estimating staff and investment requirements and incorporating boundary conditions into product design.


Our customer, Betterflow, has a vision for the future of trailers and tractors. The product portfolio is oriented towards the areas of trucks that promise fluid mechanical improvement potential. PEM Motion provides support in the conception, development and prototypical implementation as well as testing of the various system assemblies.


We offer tailor-made training courses in production and logistics planning, electromobility and soft skills based on current German industry and training standards as well as our expertise. This enables us to qualify a broad target group, from students to workers and managers, using state-of-the-art learning methods. For example, we support a German OEM in the ramp-up of the Mexican plant by providing interactive and practical training for more than 1000 logistics employees. In addition, we qualify local experts and thus significantly reduce possible sources of error by using them as trouble shooters.


Our customer, a Hidden Champion, has expanded its capacities, and upgraded its machinery due to the good order situation. Data from the process and machinery is now being recorded but currently only used for documentation purposes. The customer wonders to what extent the data can be used for other applications to generate competitive advantages. Here we support in the use case identification process in order to use the data in the sense of data analytics. We then aggregate the data into scalable state of the art solutions in such a way that we can implement machine learning solutions specifically developed for the use case.