„…the coronacrisis is our biggest challenge since the second world war.“

Angela Merkel - March 2020

„…the epidemic also shows that we should not be so dependent on the international market in the long term"

Jens Spahn – April 2020
PEMask – THE SUSTAINABLE, REUSABLE MASK With the PEMask we offer a sustainable and resource-saving mask for everyday use. Suitable for private use only. The PEM Community Mask was developed and industrialized in a minimum of time in cooperation with REAC Energy GmbH.
Safety and innovation - Simple solutions for great challenges We like to break new ground - we also apply sustainable innovation to the development of our PEM Community mask. Our mask is recyclable and easy to use.
From idea to innovation Due to the industrialisation based on the "Return on Engineering" approach, several prototypes were created, adapted and improved within two weeks. The result is a certifiable, scalable product.
Count on us We understand taking ideas into series production. In our developments, we consider industrialization and scalability as a crucial success factor right from the start. Our team combines know-how from many consulting, development and validation projects
PEMask - Application
The filter of the mask can be replaced in an instant. That way, the PEMask offers protection against infection through the use of an appropriate filter material / filter fleece. After wearing, the mask is cleaned, and ready to be used with the next filter.

Development and production of an exchangeable mask concept according to RoE approach. Industrialization within four weeks.


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Knowledge gained from numerous industrialization projects is used to realize a national supply chain with partners, including manufacturing.

Thanks to disposable filters and cleanable basic bodies, the mask is designed for multiple use.

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Scalable production was already considered a success criterion during the development phase. All components of the mask can be manufactured in large quantities in a short period of time.

Thanks to our RoE approach, production is scheduled to start at the end of April.

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The number of masks produced can be scaled almost arbitrarily thanks to injection moulding. The aim is to produce several thousand masks per day.

The PEMask concept can already be transferred to free national production capacities. Only the tool geometry and material is necessary.

With the PEMask we will become independent from the asian market, also in future.

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PEMask - The sustainable, resusable mask for private use
Made in Germany
Innovative development
Simple but clever
Flexible applications

We develop sustainable solutions – We realize ideas.

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A minimum purchase quantity of 10,000 pieces per order is planned during the initial phase.
For further information about our PEMask please contact us directly.

Please note that we currently do not deliver to private persons. For smaller quantities please visit Staysafenow.de

*Wearers of the described community mask cannot rely on it to protect them or others against transmission of SARS-CoV-2, as no corresponding protective effect has been proven for these masks.

Recyclable Sustainable Made in Germany Innovative development Simple but clever Flexible applications
  • Multiple use thanks to disposable filters
  • cleanable body base
  • For private use with simple cloth protection
  • Significantly reduced consumption of resources
  • Multiple use instead of disposable mask
One mask many filters - for private use only
  • Simple cloth protection
  • Classical mask fleece
  • Paper tissue
  • Implementation of a national supply chain including manufacturing
  • Safety through excellent engineering
  • Competence network as a strong partner
  • Development of a national infrastructure for the production of protective equipment
  • Turnkey production planning through PEM Motion
  • Production start in May 
  • Production of several thousand masks per day
  • Industrialized in 4 weeks
  • Sustainable concept
  • Quick solution of the bottleneck + long-term protection in the future
  • Short delivery time
  • One mask consisting of 2 parts + filter insert
  • Intuitive handling
Oriented towards the current market standard - developed for the future
  • Sustainable solution
  • Soft base body adapts to facial contours
  • Hardly any restriction of the field of vision
  • Elastic rubber bands ensure a good grip
  • Change filter manually
  • Clean the mask regularly