Even the best
Business ideas need

evaluation & roadmap
PEM Start-Up Workshops
Evaluation & Roadmap
Individual evaluation of your business idea and business setup in consideration of current and future market conditions
Individual product analyses evaluate the industrializability of technical solutions
Identification of weaknesses and obstacles in business and product development
Increased planning reliability through capacitive and financial evaluations of work packages by experts
Total cost advantage in industrialization through the development of robust business and/or product development roadmaps to ensure the success of industrialization
Prevention of downstream and unforeseen costs
Fast, customer-centric product and business development
Extensive experience in enabling young companies from idea generation to series production
We are serial founders with successful spin-offs in the e-mobility market
Rapid assessment of new business ideas and technical challenges by a wide range of experts and senior consultants
We have accompanied numerous electric vehicles from development to series production and know the challenges
Rapid development and validation of a high degree of product maturity through our Return on Engineering approach
Many years of expertise in prototyping, testing, certification and approval
Multilateral portfolio and network of specialists as well as economic and technical advisors
To know where you stand is to know where you are heading!

In agile and individual workshops we evaluate your business model, challenge your technological solutions and
develop a tailor-made roadmap for a successful future of your product and your company together with you.
Customer-oriented,forward-thinking and tailored to you!
Basics Workshops
  • Business evaluation
  • Technological evaluation
  • Product development
Supplementary modules (among others):
  • Financial stress testing
  • Market analysis and benchmarking
  • Go-to-market roadmap
  • Sourcing and supply chain
  • Producibility and cost structure
  • Tech. industrialization roadmap
  • Quality measures
  • Certification and registration
  • Cost structure and development potential of an e-scooter in the premium segment
  • Industrialization planning for an electrified last-mile logistics bicycle trailer
  • Strategic, tactical and operational planning of a holistic mobility start-up
As a chair spin-off we know what it means to be an industrial start-up; as serial founders in the field of Future Mobility we know what you can do wrong.
As consultants, tech experts and mentors, we guide numerous young companies into the future every day. We would like to share this knowledge with you. We willgladly work out an individualized workshop package with you. The workshops are in-person but can also be implemented online.
We integrate a multilateral portfolio of experts as well as strategic and technological consultants into our workshops. For us, keeping the end in mind, right from the beginning, is the key to your success.

A holistic approach from the idea and the business model to the transition to series production is of elementary importance, especially at the beginning.
That's why we start right there, today and together with you!
You also have a brilliant idea?
- Let us walk the path to success together.