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PEM Testdesign
Validation & Testing
Your advantages
Reduced time for the lifetime-testing of up to 75%
Reduced cost of up to 50%
Structural testing without destroying the traction battery
Description & USP
The possibility to carry outproduct security at an early stage during the development phase as a neutral partner.
Validated testdesign under real-life conditionsd
Thinking one step ahead: For us, development and testing go hand in hand.
  • StreetScooter Lifecycle-testing of a model series
  • Ford Lifecycle-testing of the battery connection
Because the earlier you are able to detect strengths and weaknesses of your product in your development process, the more marketable your vehicle will be at launch. That’s why we have developed a validated testdesign under real-life conditions for lifecycle testing.

As an independent partner we make it possible to test the vehicle as well as the battery for weaknesses at an early point in development.

Take your development to the next level with the PEM testdesign for lifetime-testing.
Are your still testing or are you already driving?
– We support you with testing and devoloping.
Gerd Macherey Director Engineering & Validation g.macherey@pem-motion.com +49 (0)176 569 219 90