Complex ideas &
simple solutions
Electrification & Control
Your advantages
Fast and flexible configuration/development of the functionalities as required by you on the base of existing building blocks.
Fast construction of prototypes ready to be put into series production
Description & USP
Variable configuration of required functionalities, such as vehicle control, connectivity, etc.
Functionalities close to production with quantities ranging from 1 to N (with mounting partners)
Our PEM Box offers a platform for the control unit of your ideas. Various modules and functionalities can be linked via a central element. The open platform allows us to build upon existing basic functionalities and to adaptto yourwishesat alltimes.
  • Central control of an electrified riding mower
  • Central control and WIFI/LTE-connection of an automated tool trolley
Naturally the PEM Box is prepared for the future. An open architecture allows us to add control units at any time or expand the functionalities in a second version of your product.

From the first prototype to series production
Whatever is possible with hardware – in the case of the PEM Box – is also possible with electronics. We are convinced, that the development process can undergo a tremendous acceleration and improvement by the means of fast visualizationtesting and experience of an idea. That’s why we are setting new standards with the PEM Box: All modules of the PEM Box are scalable. Meaning: From the first prototype to small-scale production, no break in the electronic. Examine and test controlling and electronic from the very first prototype. Adjust the functionality and expand the modules – no problem with the PEM Box.

Be it a smart tool trolley or electrified riding mower – realize your ideas with the PEM Box.
PEM Box according to your wishes?
– Contact us – we develop your solution.
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