automotive standard
in the class
of lightweight vehicles
Chassis building kit for lightweight vehicles
Construction & Development
Your advantages
Configure your chassis: Be it single-, two- or four-wheeled. We are closing the gap between bicycle and car with our chassis building kit!
More Safety more driving comfort
Greater usability and driving dynamic
Approvable chassis design
You obtain a high degree of product maturity: The ideal starting point for series development
Description & USP
Strong driving experience, optimal driving dynamic
Ready for series development due to high degree of product maturity
Automotive standards for the class of light weight vehicles
Approvable chassis
Safety within an intermediate segment
Click – click – Chassi?
It’s not yet quite as simple as the idea – but that’s exactly what lies behind our “chassis building kit for lightweight vehicles”.
You’ve got the idea, we’ve got the solution: Be it a single-, two-, three- or four-wheeled lightweight vehicle you’re thinking about. Let’s address your next project together.
Urban Logistic / Smart Logistic
  • Conception and construction of a chassis for an autonomously following cargo trailer of up to 300kg
  • City-Light-Vehicles: Cargo bikes and Pedelecs
Experience the automotive standard of a chassis in the class of lightweight vehicles.
Ensure a unique driving experience with a strong dynamic and high safety for your product.

Thanks to experience and know how from numerous projects, we are ready to launch your product at nextr level. Our chassis are already designed for a possible approval during planning.
So, what are you waiting for?
– You configure – we realize.
Gerd Macherey Director Engineering/Validation g.macherey@pem-motion.com +49 (0)176 569 219 90