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21st April 2021 PEM
Creating new living and working spaces together – HUMANOTOP Avantis Higher, faster, further – an outdated view? For decades, it was all about superlatives: further, faster, higher, more powerful and bigger. Today, the organization Ingenieure retten die Erde e.V. (Engineers Save the Earth) asks the question: Shouldn’t we all strive for a new maxim, a […]
18th March 2021 PEM
Mobility instead of isolation
Mobility instead of isolation – Project MOBY, Client: Sphaira Medical The pandemic has exposed many aspects of society. Among them is the situation in which seriously ill people find themselves, who in their last moments are not even allowed to see their family. Families who have not been able to say goodbye to their loved […]
8th December 2020 PEM
Functional Safety - An Interview with Lisa Weichsel
Avoid system errors right from the start – An interview with Lisa Weichsel, Project Engineer at PEM Motion Functional safety ensures the safety of complex products, plants and processes for people and the environment. Experts are already involved in the conceptual or development phase in order to minimize risks of the products. What was your […]
1st September 2020 PEM
Sustainability – more than a definition In a nutshell: Sustainability is not a new concept. It is based on three pillars: ecological, economic and social sustainability.  Despite the gradual shift in transport towards e-mobility, there are still countless points of contact for more sustainable action in the automotive industry.  Sustainable mobility does not end with the […]
18th August 2020 PEM
Realizing the future of mobility
Realizing the future of mobility A new vision of our understanding of mobility In a nutshell: An important building block for the sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions is sustainable mobility. We all have to ask ourselves when we really need which form of mobility. We can’t put as many wind turbines as we want on […]
28th May 2020 PEM
Remanufacturing: The way to a circular economy of EV batteries
Remanufacturing: The way to a circular economy of EV batteries Electric mobility is our future – There’s more! A lack of strategies There is no doubt, however, that the market for returning batteries, which are at the end of their first life cycle, will increase significantly in the coming years. The design of the battery […]