Developing a product with ~10% of the current invest is this even possible?

YES - with PEM Motion.

From the first idea to the first prototype in half the time?

PEM Motion enables you.

Let‘s be honest: How agile is your product development?

Discover it with PEM Motion

Agile hardware development and mobilty don‘t fit together?

For us at PEM Motion it does.
Give your development an agility-boost – take your next step into the future with us Lower your development time and cost together with us.
Simpler, faster & more efficient – Our maxime for your success Be it urban mobility or intermodular traffic – we implement visions and open up new potentials. Let us be part of your vision and write the next success story of Aachen together.
Count on us At Pem, we combine technical expertise from the fields of engineering, construction, product development and product planning with a distinct hands-on culture. For us, a concept doesn‘t just have to look good in theorie, we accompany the idea to ist implementation in our workshop.
Partners from the start We see your vision as our joint goal. That‘s why it is essential for us, to have the complete product and product planning adjusted to your desire and circumstances. We are happy to go the extra mile beyond the conecptual phase and support you not just technically with the implementation of an agile product development in your company.
We transform ideas and visions into practicable mobility solutions with the goal of an effective and efficient product development. By means of Return on Engineering, we reduce development time and expenses, increase your customer value and make your switchover profitable.
Thr first Primotype Thr first Primotype

Tangible ideas – making potentials sensible. Our primotypes make this possible. Reduced to the essentials, you are going to bring your ideas to life from the very beginning.

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Iterative development phases Iterative development phases

Always with the goal in mind, we develop the primo to a prototype in rapid cycles.

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Testing as part of development Testing as part of development

Thanks to early prototypes, testing is integrated in the individual phases. The results can be processed directly.

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Series maturity & production planning Series maturity & production planning

With ~90% less investment and in half of the original development time, it is right in front of you: your next innovation. Of course, we are happy to support you all the way to production planning and design.

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Your vision – Our solution

Let us share your vision and write the next success story together.

Redefine development – experience with us how agile development also boosts your innovative power.